It is said that intelligence is like a fresh fruit: it's only valuable if you USE it, but it also has a short life span. 
This is why CI (competitive intelligence) should be an ongoing resource in business operations. Your market is dynamic, competition is fast, trends are blurred when they're born, so you must be alert.
We provide ongoing or interim based insights and data, so you can have a realistic understanding of your competitive landscape, identify risks, seize opportunities, and make better decisions. 
Qualitative analysis of "what the data means" is what makes the difference between "reports" and CLARITY.

Analysing the Numbers


Fear not. This best-of-class methodology is neither a game, nor war. 

Facing a Strategic Crossroad, your strategy and its outcomes will be crucial for your success. What worked last time, might not work tomorrow, as the competitive landscape keeps changing. 

Business War Games are probably the BEST way to proof your strategy, dry-testing it before spending money, understanding how your competitors will most likely respond, and adjusting your strategy for the BEST possible outcome. 

YES - it is possible to predict the most realistic market responses.

Can you afford NOT to make sure you have the RIGHT strategy?

Business Meeting


We offer business and commercial opportunities through our network of trusted connections and localized specialists around the world. 

We can assist in a discrete approach to potential partners or clients, or otherwise find what you're looking for - a partner, a product, a relevant technology, or any missing piece in your business puzzle.


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