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All your results are dependent on your decisions. What you know – and when you know it – is the key factor in allowing you to understand your market, identify and seize opportunities, minimize risk and make better decisions.
Competitive Intelligence (CI) is the methodical practice of collecting, analyzing and using targeted information, enabling decisions that bring better results in a competitive environment.
Competitive Intelligence is a legal, ethical business practice, which uses an array of services, from data mining to qualitative analysis and insights.



The Firm employs a small group of specialists, offering a profound understanding of businesses and competitive landscapes, with decades of accumulated experience in business development, intelligence work around the world, and catering to management needs across industries.  

Eyal (Allan) Weiss is the founder and general manager of The Firm. Eyal served as a business development executive with several companies, in various industries. For nearly 2 decades, Eyal has focused on competitive intelligence, as a toolbox for supporting business development.

Among the Firm's clients are global companies that explore Israel based opportunities, as well as Israeli companies exploring markets and opportunities abroad. Eyal was a member of the public board of the Israel Export Institute, holds a bachelor degree in Economics & Logistics, and is proficient in the analysis of complex business relationships, facilitation of Strategic Business War Games, and cross cultural communications.

Nir Weisman, Partner, is responsible for global business development and projects' management. Nir has over 20 years' experience in business development, strategy and integration of advanced technological solutions.

Nir has led planning, financing, procurement and operational aspects of engineering projects around the world.

He holds a bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering & Management, and a diploma in Infrastructure & Project Financing.

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